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Your Own Personal Soundtrack

Our music library is accessible for all registrants, and we encourage downloading a soundtrack for your daily adventures. Enjoy.

She's Alive

Engineers at Blorp Corp have finished construction of a cybernetic receptionist unit called Veronica. Seemingly human on the outside, this 632 pound robot was crafted through an assembly of spare synthesizer parts and state of the art circuitry. She is currently conducting all administrative duties for the music production house, including client coordination, vendor relations, and lovingly crafted lattes. To learn more about the Veronica project, visit her desk

ADCD Awards 2009

On September 25th, The Art Directors Club of Denver kicks off their annual award show, highlighting the most creative work of the year in broadcast, interactive, print and more. Local design shop Spillt has created animated vignettes to introduce each award category, original music and sound design provided by Blorp Corp. For more information on the ADCD check out www.adcd.com.

Power's On

Blorp Corp has launched - giving you the opportunity to license tracks for use in advertising, television, film and interactive projects. Please register, then feel free to download anything you like. If you plan on using anything in a production - submit a licensing form and report the usage.

Constant Engineering

Blorp Corp is dedicated to continually pursuing fresh sonic ideas, and engineering the most cutting edge music solutions for your projects. Please check back often to see our new track listings, and feel free to contact us with more specific requests for custom music projects. Veronica will be happy to receive your transmission: veronica@blorpcorp.com.